Two neat things

Today I stumbled across two lovely bits of math(s) I’d like to share.

The first is a fun topological proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers.

The second is a proof that the set of prime numbers is bounded…

[Wait for it…]

[Keep waiting…]

…in certain models of weak arithmetic. (I paused for Hotovy to say ‘What?!’ and shake his head in that goofy way. You know the one.) Have a look for yourself: MO21367. (Also, \pi is rational in the model given in that answer.)

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2 Responses to Two neat things

  1. JCummings says:

    That primes proof is really cool.

    • Z Norwood says:

      Yeah! I like it a lot. And it’s not so surprising that weird things happen (like \pi being rational) in the absence of full induction.

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