The former occupants of Avery 311 at the University of Nebraska reunite online to discuss math(s).

The bloggers:

Zach Norwood is was at Cambridge completing Part III math(s) under a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. He hopes to start a PhD at UCLA next year. Now he is at UCLA, where all the cool people are. He is mostly interested in logic (all kinds, but set theory slightly more than the others) but also in other things.

Jay Cummings is a first-year grad student at UC San Diego. His math interests include extremal and probabilistic combinatorics and math education.

“Glory-prone” Corey Stone is also a first year grad student at UC San Diego. His interests include everything.

(Ryan) Hotovy is a first-year grad student at Texas A&M. His interests include analysis, probability, and some occasional dabbling into physics, though that was more an undergrad childhood childish thing.

Nicki Gaswick is a first-year grad student at Oklahoma State. Her interests include ODEs and math education and art.

Adam Azzam is currently a senior at Nebraska. His interests include analysis – particularly of the functional variety, though he has been recently dabbling into dynamics and ergodic theory.

Why is it called ‘whateversuitsyourboat’?

Because Ryan Hotovy is a dork and can’t get his expressions straight. Also, this blog will not focus one a particular area of math(s), but will include posts on a variety of topics.

[Perhaps someone else will expand on this?] [Perhaps Zach/Jay/whoever wrote this should be less lazy and expand on it themselves]


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