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Math in Elections Part 3 — Delegates, Conventions and Kings.

Last time we talked about some problems with the primaries.  I wanted to mention one issue that can arise at the very end of the primary process because of a seemingly odd combination of convention rules.  The problem presents itself … Continue reading

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Math in Elections Part 2 — A Primary Example.

What’s wrong with our current system?  Well, a lot. But before I get you all depressed, I will mention one thing that our system theoretically does have going for it. In the last post we mentioned how the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Hotovy!

On this day a few centuries ago, Whateversuitsyourboat’s very own ([Raspy] Ryan) Hotovy was born! Now, a few millennia later, Hotovy is engaged, pursuing his PhD in mathematics at Texas A&M, and presumably getting better at taking cross products! Happy … Continue reading

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Hello blog visitors. As you know, today is the day that the world’s largest websites like Reddit, this blog, and Wikipedia shut out the world’s access to information in protest to the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills in the US … Continue reading

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Difficult undergrad proofs

Dear all: The other day I was reflecting on what material we covered in our undergrad courses, and I wondered what the most difficult proof we encountered in courses there was. Of course, we should keep in mind that every … Continue reading

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RT Part 5; Intro to RT on the Naturals

We have talked about Ramsey theory on graphs.  But what other structures can we do Ramsey theory on?  Well, how about numbers?  Remember that the basic idea behind Ramsey theory is to try to guarantee the existence of some sort … Continue reading

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